Blueberry Lime Drizzle Cake

Mmm... flat but delicious!

Mmm… flat but delicious!

My first post-surgery bake – how to decide what to make?!  Having made a lemon drizzle cake a while ago, I thought perhaps something along those lines would be easy for me.  So after a long browse on BBC GoodFood (where I always look first!), I came across this recipe.  It ticked all the boxes – lime (so much more exotic than lemon), berries (good at fighting cancer, or so I’ve read) and “easy baking” (even just standing for more than 10 mins is still quite hard, so being easy was a must!).

Ways I changed it (not necessarily for the better…):

  • There weren’t any raspberries so I used only blueberries
  • I didn’t have the right size tin so I used two smaller loaf tins (and so got two very small cakes!)

What I had overlooked in this “easy” bake:

  • Creaming butter and sugar without anything electric is quite hard work.  After half-heartedly slapping it with a spoon for a couple of minutes, my kind boyfriend took over.  Way too much for my stomach muscles still!

How it came out:

  • Erm… flat!  As you can see in the picture.  Two very flat cakes.  I did some research and think that I either put in too much liquid (my measuring was a little slapdash), or took the cakes out of the oven too early.
  • They did taste delicious though – really zesty and moist, and the blueberries were lovely.

Personal Progress:

  • This took me about 30 minutes, my boyfriend had to do most of it for me, and after I finished I had to have a sleep on the sofa immediately (while he washed everything up!!!).  But it was a LOT more activity than most other things I have done so far post-surgery.  Onwards and upwards!

If you’d like to do much better yourself:

Raspberry & blueberry lime drizzle cake – BBC GoodFood

Caroline Crimson x

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