Kiwi Zinger

What’s in it?

  • Handful of curly kale (cancer fighting)
  • One apple
  • Two kiwis
  • An inch of lemongrass (cancer fighting)
  • Water

How was it?

This juice came out pretty sharp – definitely zingy!  I cut the lemongrass up into small chunks so that it didn’t make the juice stringy.  I could probably have done with blasting for a bit longer to get a smoother drink.  As warned by the Innocent gurus, blasting kiwi seeds does release a peppery flavour – I like that though, a bit like watercress or rocket!

Drinking a glass of this gave me an instant spring in my step – the lemongrass and kiwi go really well together.

Soundtrack to my juice

Porcelain – Moby

I have loved this track ever since watching The Beach, and the sunshine outside inspired me to listen to something a bit summery.  The video is strangely hypnotic – such an amazing-coloured eye!  She could win a staring competition any day.

Love it?  You can buy it here.

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