Joyous Moment Flower Tea

Release the joy!

Release the joy!

A few weeks ago, my brother and his fiancee brought us back some special Fook Ming Tong flowering teas from Hong Kong.  They also brought us an ingenious Teavana tea maker.  You brew your herbal tea in it and then drain it out of the bottom straight into a mug.  Magic!  As I am drinking a LOT of herbal tea at the moment, I thought it was the perfect time to try out one of these floral numbers.



The four tins have different names and I have absolutely no idea what the names mean in tea terms.  So in the end I chose the tea called “Joyous Moment” as I thought I could do with having one of those.

Have a look at the video to see what happened to this dry little ball when I added boiling water!

How did it taste?

I’m still not sure what it actually contained, but it tasted quite a lot of jasmine.  I love jasmine tea so that was fine with me!  The Teavana thingy is very handy and easy to use, although it would be even better if you had clear cups so you can see when they are full – I was a bit nervous of boiling tea overflowing all over the table.

Soundtrack to my tea

Moonlight Rhino – Morgan

Obviously something relaxing!  The laid back beat of Moonlight Rhino was perfect.  And I LOVE the weird and wonderful video – poor rhino though.  Morgan – huge thanks for supporting this blog, you are welcome for a flower tea any day!

Love it?  You can download it here.  (And even get a t-shirt to support Save the Rhino!)

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