A Milestone

Tessa Verrecchia  Fusingglass.co.uk

Tessa Verrecchia Fusingglass.co.uk

I have had something on my mind all day that I wanted to record.

It is exactly one month today since I had surgery at The Royal Marsden, Chelsea.

I will write in detail about it another time. For now, I just wanted to express my eternal gratitude to all of the amazing staff at RM. I have been incredibly lucky to be so well cared for. With any luck, that will be my first and last operation at the Marsden.

Tessa Verrecchia. Fusingglass.co.uk

Tessa Verrecchia. Fusingglass.co.uk

I am thinking of all those wonderful people more than ever today. Perhaps the day stands out more than usual to me partly because of the nature of February meaning that March has exactly the same days and dates (so it really is Friday 6th again!).

4 weeks today – feels like a million years!

Caroline Crimson x

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