How I am celebrating International Women’s Day

Jo's Trust IWD 2015 Happy International Women’s Day!  It is so inspiring to see so many causes and stories being shared and celebrated, particularly in relation to IWD 2015’s theme: Make It Happen.

The causes closest to my heart, understandably, are Jo’s Trust’s Cervical Cancer awareness campaign (which falls neatly under the umbrella of #MakeItHappen), and The Eve Appeal’s Make Time for Tea campaign, raising funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer (incidentally, March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month) .  Cervical screening caught my cancer – and therefore presumably saved my life.  Had I booked my smear test as soon as it was due, perhaps it would even have been caught at an earlier stage.  Charities such as Jo’s Trust and The Eve Appeal who work so hard to raise awareness of women’s cancers, as well as supporting people like me who have been affected by them, are so important.  I would like to take this opportunity to salute them.

On a more personal note, seeing as I am especially caught up with women’s concerns at the moment, I thought it was acceptable to be self-involved enough to share how I am celebrating IWD 2015.

1). Have lunch with Mum

I was pleased to the point of smugness that I was actually going to see my mum on Mother’s Day; even more so that I had managed to buy her a card too under the circumstances.  I was thrilled that I managed to get a table for lunch at a nearby pub at short notice, when I assumed they would be packed with mums being treated by their adoring children.  Then my boyfriend dropped the bombshell that it’s not Mother’s Day until next Sunday (thanks cancer brain!).  So we had International Women’s Day lunch instead.

2). Buy aspirational print

Can't wait to get mine!

Can’t wait to get mine!

A happy coincidence, but today I came across Rosie Robins and Louise Wisson’s uplifting ‘A Life More Extraordinary’ print.  Not only does it look great, but Louise (who suffers from rare Primary Peritoneal Cancer) has written it to encourage a Positive Mental Attitude every day.  And to top it all, £5 from each sale goes straight to The Eve Appeal.  So in honour of IWD I ordered one in sorbet colour (look here if you’d like one too!).


Goodbye yellow stick box...

Goodbye yellow stick box…

Impeccable timing.  Today I will celebrate IWD in my own way by doing my last blood-thinning self-injection (you can read about how much I like them here).  Hooray!  It’s a small thing, and really not that bad, but a little victory nonetheless.  And how fitting that it is on this special day.

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