Chilli Chocolate Cookies

Caution - HOT!!!

Caution – HOT!!!

This bake was an adventure before I even turned on the oven.  Having walked all the way to the supermarket and back for the muffin ingredients, I thought I could do it again.  This time I went on my own.  It was a gloriously sunny day and I enjoyed the walk down the hill.

However, on stepping through the door to the supermarket, I realised that all I had with me was a shopping bag, shopping list and phone.  Horrors – no cash!  I made an emergency call to my boyfriend who agreed to drive down with some money and collect me.

As it turned out this was a blessing in disguise; he found me 20 minutes later slumped in the marmalade aisle, barely able to lift the basket.  There’s no way I would have got back up the hill with the shopping.  But on the bright side, the walk down and shopping on my own was new ground, so it was still progress in a way!

Now let’s cut to the chase – I said I was going to do something chocolate-related.  I have attempted here to merge two BBC Good Food recipes: Chilli chocolate cookies and Angela Nilsen’s low-fat chocolate chip cookies.

One last thing… I thought it was just worth pointing out that I haven’t practised any of these bakes – what you see in the video really is the first time I’m trying it.  It’s good that you can’t hear that I’m mostly saying “Is it supposed to look like that?!” throughout…

How it was to make:

  • You can see that I did all of this again (although this was the day AFTER the supermarket incident – still not up to shopping and baking in the same day!).
  • The first stage went a bit weird – the melted butter/coffee/sugar mix split and I think I overdid the butter so it tasted a bit nutty… I’ll have to check with Angela to see what was supposed to happen.
  • I love the idea of the chilli chocolate cookies as I am a big chilli chocolate fan, so I added the spicy parts of that recipe into the lighter cookies.
  • After mixing the flour and batter together it was so runny – “There’s no way I can roll that into cookies!” I thought.  Oh me of little faith… after resting for 15 minutes it had firmed up into a shapeable dough (which was easier to shape with a bit of water on my hands).
  • The recipe said it made 22 cookies; you can see I only made it stretch to 16 (conclusion: I made them too large!).

How it came out: 

A little on the large side...

A little on the large side…

  • It was fun baking something where I didn’t need to worry if it would sink.
  • They were HOT!!!!  A cup of tea (or glass of milk?!) took the edge off, but if I were to make them again I think that the chilli chocolate alone is enough to give them a kick.
  • They were more crispy than crumbly (which I think is because they contain more sugar and less butter).  This is obviously what you need to sacrifice for the cookies to be a bit healthier.

Personal Progress: 

Introducing Cookie Man!

Introducing Cookie Man!

  • Baking lessons learnt:
    • Baking something that isn’t required to rise is more relaxing in many ways.
    • I have a newfound baking talent: baking things with faces by accident!  (See also the Blueberry Lime Drizzle cake.)
  • Physical progress:
    • I did ALL the baking but it wiped me out today, so washing up duty was back to my boyfriend.
    • As I mentioned above, I did make it down to the supermarket ON MY OWN!

If you want to try either (or both!) of the recipes:

Chilli Chocolate Cookies – BBC GoodFood

The Ultimate Makeover: Chocolate Chip Cookies – BBC GoodFood

This bake, I have been mostly listening to:

Make Me Feel Better – Alex Adair

Fairly self-explanatory really!  The song makes me feel better, the baking makes me feel better, the blog makes me feel better…  Lots of feeling better all round.

You can buy it here too.  Hooray!

Caroline Crimson x

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