Spring/Summer 2015: Cancer Chic

For all my loungewear-related excitement in the last post (hi, I quite like lounge pants), I completely forgot to mention the other essentials making up my Spring/Summer 2015 Cancer Chic…  So here you go – my top 5 essential items!

1). Silver hi top trainers 

adidas Orignials Honey Hi - even cats love them

adidas Orignials Honey Hi – even cats love them

Yup.  Well – I didn’t really have any shoes to go with all the lounge pants.  And seeing as I haven’t worn any other bottoms since 13th January, this was becoming A Problem.  I decided that hi top trainers were the answer.  Obviously.

So, back down to the shopping centre where they think I’m a crazy woman (this was in between my biopsy and main operation).  And in JD Sports (where else?), I stumbled across this AMAZING pair of Adidas silver hi tops.  They even have a black lacey bit that folds over for that extra touch.  Incidentally, while writing this I have discovered that they are in fact exclusive to JD Sports, and on their site they say “grab yourself an ’80s classic with a twist that your friends just won’t have” – how did they know?!!

Anyway, these shiny beauties were even on sale (WHY?!!); it was meant to be.  Trying them on, I could immediately tell how perfect they were to team with lounge pants.  My boyfriend was less convinced.

“I just don’t think I could get away with silver trainers any more,” he said skeptically.

“Well, maybe that’s just because YOU’RE not cool enough!” replied the assistant (genius).

And so the sale was made.

2). Primark pants

Not much to say on this.  Went to Primark.  Bought a load of MASSIVE pants reminiscent of Bridget Jones.  Resolved to burn them as soon as this is all over.  (Have since discovered they are actually quite comfy but will 100% not admit to that.)

3). Baggy block brights 

I know what I like and it's bright, bright, bright.

I know what I like and it’s bright, bright, bright.

Does what it says on the tin – find things that are soft, baggy and brightly coloured.  The bagginess means they won’t catch on stitches etc.  The bright colours will cheer you up (guaranteed!).  The block colour is so that they will go with your outrageous print lounge pants.  Effortless.

4). A thoughtful gift

A knitted hug

A knitted hug

Who doesn’t like getting presents, and there’s nothing quite like a completely unexpected one.  A few weeks ago I went home to see my parents and my dad surprised me with a lovely, floppy jumper which he had bought all by himself.  (In fact, he had abandoned my mum at work and not told her where he was going, but that’s another story…)  I love the jumper – wearing it is like a big warm hug and the unexpectedness of it made it even better!  (Oh and it goes with my lounge pants, of course.)

5). Moo moos 

The Holy Grail of Moo Moos.  Source: simpsons.wikia.com

The Holy Grail of Moo Moos. Source: simpsons.wikia.com

You’re about to go into hospital for an operation and it’s likely you will be staying for a few nights.  You are advised to bring cotton nighties.  You strongly don’t want to spend money on those floral cotton numbers that charity shops are full of (and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out where they’ve come from!).  Fear not – I have found the answer!  I had a strong mental image of what I wanted, and it was a moo moo – in fact, I was picturing Homer Simpson when he gets too fat to wear normal clothes.  Primark came through for me yet again – oversized t-shirts galore!  And even one bearing the slogan #NOMAKEUP.



This seemed appropriate – I have been #NOMAKEUP since 13th January and still going strong.

In fact, #NOMAKEUP is a vital part of S/S 2015 Cancer Chic.

Caroline Crimson x

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