Courgette & Chive Muffins

As light as a cheesy feather...

As light as a cheesy feather…

After a string of sweet recipes I decided it was time to turn my hand back to savoury.  Not wanting to step too far out of my comfort zone though, I thought that since my muffins had worked well, perhaps a savoury muffin would be a good compromise.

In the process of looking for a recipe, I stumbled across the site Baking Mad.  This is the first of their recipes that I’ve actually tried, but I highly recommend the website.  Anyone who’s had anything to do with User Experience EVER will appreciate that they have done a good job!  I love the “bake mode” feature where it gives you one step at a time really clearly – perfect to use with an iPad while you bake.

Anyway.  Baking Mad promised that these muffins would be “delicious”.  Here goes nothing…

How it was to make: 

A little longer in the oven but got there in the end!

A little longer in the oven but got there in the end!

  • Really easy!  Apart from some minor grating and beating, it was mainly just a case of measuring things and stirring them together!
  • I followed the Baking Mad tips and worked quickly once the wet and dry ingredients were combined so that I could get the muffins into the oven asap.
  • I was wildly inconsistent with the amount of mixture I put into each case – a better tool would help!
  • It took LOADS longer than 20 minutes to cook these for me – to get them looking golden brown and firm was more like 35 minutes.

How it came out: 

Very useful for a light lunch

Very useful for a light lunch

  • I definitely think these muffin cases make a difference – they look super smart in them (probably more than they deserved!)
  • The texture was wonderfully light and airy – almost crumpet-like inside.
  • The cheesy crust on top was great but I think they could have done with a bit more cheese inside as the flavour was a bit too subtle, so I would up the cheese next time.

The only problem was I wasn’t too sure what to eat these with!  They did make a delicious snack (in a kind of cheese straws way).  Eventually, we had some for lunch with a bit of soft cheese and salad and they really came into their own – highly recommended!

Personal Progress: 

  • Baking lessons learnt:
    • Muffins seem to be a strong point for me.
    • Savoury muffins are good with cheese.
  • Physical progress:
    • I had a bit of an active morning before doing this, so I was glad that it wasn’t too strenuous.
    • My fabulous new apron bears the mantra “Eat, sleep, bake, repeat” and this is pretty much exactly what I did!  After finishing this I had a good nap and that got on with something sweet as a present!

You really should try these (or just look at the website design!):

Courgette and chive muffins – Baking Mad

This bake, I have been mostly listening to:

Never Giving Up – Brett Vogel

Brett Vogel is a singer/songwriter from sunny LA.  This is a new track from him and I’ve really been enjoying listening to it.  Thanks to Brett for his support for this blog, and good luck with the album!

You can download Brett’s song here.

Caroline Crimson x

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