58 Mini Victories

Having a cat is a victory in itself.  Obviously.

Having a cat is a victory in itself. Obviously.

I’ve been told that any blogger who’s anyone needs some sort of ‘Top Tips’ post at some point. Like ‘101 ways to style your cat’ or ’50 best things about wearing lounge pants’.  I have gone for a slightly more unusual number: 58 Mini Victories.  Because that’s how many I thought of.  Some of these are more mini than others, but to me all of them are victories nevertheless.

So, in no particular order, my 58 Mini Victories are:

  1. Wearing pants (in the English sense)
  2. Picking up the kettleBeautiful Woman You Pukka Tea
  3. Climbing into the shower without having to mentally prepare myself
  4. Picking something up off the floor
  5. Putting on compression stockings without help
  6. Starting a blog
  7. Not crying for a whole day
  8. Self-injecting
  9. Not self-injecting Innohep anticoagulation syringe
  10. Peeing standing up (catheter!)
  11. Peeing sitting down
  12. Having visitors in hospital
  13. Reading a book
  14. Watching all of Downton Abbey
  15. Watching all of Game of Thrones
  16. Baking things Eat Sleep Bake Repeat Apron
  17. Doing the washing up
  18. Going to the supermarket
  19. Walking down the hill
  20. Planting some flowers
  21. Stitches falling out
  22. Sitting outside in the garden
  23. The sun shiningNarcissi
  24. Getting 100 visitors to my blog in one day
  25. Getting 200 followers on Twitter
  26. Going out for lunch
  27. Standing up and sitting down without help
  28. Taking painkillers less frequently
  29. Not having to have chemoradiotherapy
  30. Doing a crosswordIt's a beautiful day
  31. Visiting my parents
  32. Feeling positive
  33. Sleeping at all
  34. Sleeping on my front
  35. MRI being moved forward
  36. Surgery being moved forward
  37. Discovering new types of tea Herbal tea collection
  38. Creating new juices
  39. Getting dressed on my own
  40. Going for a whole day without napping
  41. Getting new white compression stockings
  42. Getting new black compression stockingsMediven compression stockings white
  43. Somebody going for their smear test because of reading this blog
  44. Having visitors at home
  45. Laughing
  46. Not being in pain when laughing
  47. Making plans to socialise
  48. Picking up the cat
  49. Cat sitting on me (as opposed to next to me) Ida Cat on Lap
  50. Being able to see past this
  51. Moisturising my legs myself
  52. Washing my own back
  53. Being able to get my tummy wet
  54. Feeling hungry
  55. Wanting to eat chicken goujons
  56. Wanting to eat anything other than chicken goujonsLove feet
  57. People I know liking my blog
  58. People I don’t know liking my blog

Well, now maybe I have 59 if I add ‘having a Mini Victories list’ to it.  But then I’d have to change the title.

Caroline Crimson x

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