Probiotic Mango Smoothie

What’s in it? probiotic mango smoothie

  • One banana
  • A handful of frozen mango
  • One stick of celery
  • 3 tenderstem broccoli florets
  • An inch of ginger
  • An inch of fresh turmeric
  • 3 tbsp low-fat probiotic yoghurt
  • Water

How was it? 

probiotic mango smoothie

Definitely less sharp than the berry one!  This was the first time I’ve put fresh turmeric in a smoothie, as I received a whole bag of it as a present from a thoughtful friend.  This smoothie just tasted like a yummy mango smoothie – you wouldn’t know it had broccoli in it for example.

Hooray for dark green veg and all its goodness!

Caroline Crimson x

4 thoughts on “Probiotic Mango Smoothie

  1. I never realised what a great sense of humour you possess! I’ll have to try the probiotic mango smoothie (even though I’m not a great fan of smoothies) as am suffering from thrush (the chemo has definitely killed the good probiotic cells)!

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    • Oh no poor you. I’ve been recommended the probiotic supplement capsules from health food shops being very good too. Might be more agreeable for you! Hope your treatment is going well so far, sending lots of love xx


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