Probiotic Mint Smoothie

Probiotic Mint Smoothie

What’s in it? Probiotic Mint Smoothie

  • One banana
  • One apple
  • 3 tenderstem broccoli florets
  • A chunk of cucumber
  • An sprig of fresh mint
  • An inch of lemongrass
  • 3 tbsp low-fat probiotic yoghurt
  • Squeeze of pine honey
  • Water

How was it?  

Probiotic Mint Smoothie

I LOVE mint so for me this tasted heavenly.  I put the squeeze of pine honey in as the yoghurt is quite sharp, but actually I think that the sweetness from the apple and banana meant it wasn’t really necessary.  Very fresh, very yummy, very probiotic.

Oh and yes, I have just got a new photo-editing app.  Collage-tastic!

Caroline Crimson x

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