Cheesecake Brownies

Although she would never say it to my face, I know for sure that my amazing TA is doing a huge amount of extra work for our class because of me being away.  We arranged to meet during the holidays and so I decided to surprise her with something (hopefully!) delicious.

Brownie, meet cheesecake - the perfect match?

Brownie, meet cheesecake – the perfect match?

Cheesecake brownies look almost too good to be true.  I have successfully made other sorts of brownies in the past (such as these Cherry Chocolate Brownies), so I thought why not have a go.  I found a recipe by Rachel Allen that looked manageable.  Obviously I didn’t expect that mine would actually look like hers, but perhaps they would still taste nice.

How it was to make: 

Very restrained marbling

Very restrained marbling

  • I made a couple of changes from the recipe.  First, I used half of the caster sugar and replaced half with dark soft sugar because I love the rich stickiness it gives brownies.  Secondly, I added some dried cherries to the chocolate batter because I had them left over.
  • Everything was really easy to mix together.  I think it would have been even better though if I’d had a wider baking tin so that the brownies had a bigger surface area to dollop the cheesecake bits onto.
  • I loved doing the swirling bit with the two mixtures.  I will now make a conscious effort to seek out more recipes that involve marbling.  Fun!!

How it came out: 

If only this was a scratch 'n' sniff picture!

If only this was a scratch ‘n’ sniff picture!

  • The brownies actually looked like they were supposed to – very impressive!
  • I didn’t leave them to cool for long enough really, as I needed to box them up to be gifted.
  • Um… I did have to keep a couple back… to test them of course… And they were GOOD!  The cheesecake was a delightfully tangy contrast to the rich brownie bit.  I like the addition of the cherries too.  They might be even better in the cheesecake mixture.

Personal Progress: 

  • Baking lessons learnt: 
    Waste not want not...

    Waste not want not…

    • Maybe I need to invest in a wider baking tin.  In fact, I had quite a lot of cheesecake batter left over so I put some peanut butter into the middle and made a naughty little peanut butter baked cheesecake for one!
    • Marbling stuff is super fun.  Fact.
  • Physical progress:
    • Check out the video – I picked up the mixing bowl to pour the batter into the tin!  Admittedly it didn’t contain that much batter, but still…. massive step forward.
    • I made these brownies in the morning and then went for lunch, which is so much more than I could have done even a week or so ago.  Feeling very positive!
4 boxes of brownies to go!

4 boxes of brownies to go!

Most importantly of all, how did the brownies go down?  I forgot to get a photo of the lovely TA with her multiple takeaway-style boxes of treats (which she would probably have hated anyway!).  But she did tell me that on the train home, a small boy opposite kept on asking his mum if she could smell chocolate.  And that she ate one of the brownies for breakfast the next day – high praise indeed!

If you want to have a go:

Rachel Allen’s Cheesecake Brownies

This bake, I have been mostly listening to:

On Top of the Hills – Jack of All

There are two reasons that I like Jack of All, apart from their brilliant music of course.  The first is that 10% of all their album sales go to Parkinson’s UK, a cause very close to my heart.  The second is that they both have cats.  Big thanks to Laurence and Anna for supporting this blog and allowing me to use their great track.

You can buy their EP here.

Caroline Crimson x

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