Chocolate raspberry crumble muffins

Baking Better chocolate raspberry crumble muffins
Annie Bell's Baking Bible Annie Bell‘s Baking Bible is the most recent addition to my cookbook collection, courtesy of a birthday present from someone wonderful.  I leafed through the book, marking each recipe I fancied trying soon, only to be left with a book that resembled a multicoloured hedgehog.  Annie has too many tempting treats for me to try.

A lunch date with friends provided a good opportunity for trying out one of the recipes.  I asked the lucky recipients to specify two ingredients that I should include; they chose chocolate (weirdly), and raspberries.  What do you know?!  Good old Annie had just the thing.

How it was to make: SONY DSC

  • Annie’s recipes are laid out really helpfully in the book, with details of the equipment needed as well as the ingredients.  She seemed very keen on using a food processor, so I obeyed.  This made things easier physically, but I don’t think that my actual kit is all that great.  The crumble topping went way past breadcrumbs to something more like dough (over-mixing or butter not cold enough?).  I am sure I could have done a better job by hand, and will do so next time.
  • The batter was really easy to make.  I followed another recipe idea I’d seen and filled the cases halfway, then popped two whole raspberries in each before covering with the remaining batter.

How it came out: annie bell's baking bible raspberry chocolate crumble muffins

  • Thanks to icing sugar, my favourite fancy-looking muffin cases and some edible hearts (candy, not offal), I think my muffins looked highly professional.
  • The raspberry placement worked well, so every cake had a guaranteed fruity core.  I think they could have done with one more each though.
  • I was proud to take these to lunch with me, and took extras for my friends’ other halves to try.  The verdict was a unanimous thumbs up.  Success!

Personal Progress: 

  • Baking lessons learnt: 
    • Things like crumble are often easier to do by hand.  I think that what probably happened was that the heat generated by my amateurish food processor warmed the butter too much, leading to everything turning doughy.  That sounds plausible.
  • Physical progress:
    • These were really easy, especially as I didn’t need to do much hand mixing.
    • As I had bought the ingredients in advance in a fit of organisation, I was able to just whip these up in the morning before going to lunch, like some sort of domestic goddess (who leaves a trail of icing sugar, washing up and edible decorations in her wake).

Baking Better chocolate raspberry crumble muffins

If you want to have a go:

Annie Bell – Chocolate raspberry crumble muffins

This bake, I have been mostly listening to:

Scott & Leon – Sounds of Eden – Everytime I See the Girl (UK Garage)

I’m a huge fan of UK Garage, and tracks like this sound so very very good now that the sun’s come out – when the wind isn’t blowing you can almost imagine it’s summer!

Caroline Crimson x

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