Red Navel

Red Navel Orange & Beetroot juice
Once upon a time in America, I ordered a Bloody Mary at a bar.  What came back looked suspiciously like a pint of vomit.  It turned out to be a Red Eye; a mixture of tomato juice and beer.  No doubt there are many people who think this drink is delicious.  Think I’ll stick to the Bloody Marys in future.  However, for something healthier / less alcoholic, try this!

What’s in it?
Red Navel Orange & Beetroot juice

  • 3 oranges, squeezed
  • 1 beetroot


How was it? 

The freshly-squeezed orange juice looked totally divine.  But then I added the beetroot and blasted it all, only to be left with something pretty cloudy.  It turned out to settle after I left it for a while. Red Navel Orange & Beetroot juice

If I made this again I would blast the beetroot with some water and then just stir that into the squeezed orange juice so that it stays lovely and clear.

Looks aside, this tasted beautiful.  The earthy beetroot cuts through the sweeter orange.  And the juice gets you to “Beetroot Surprise” on the Innocent wee-ometer.  Probably best avoided shortly before a urine sample.

Caroline Crimson x

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