Pitta with houmous 3 ways

pitta and houmous 3 ways, Baking Better

Newsflash: I love houmous and pitta.  Or hummus and pitta.  Whatever.  I am especially partial to that Moroccan one with the whole chickpeas on top.  In a shocking diversion from cakes, and in homage to the shiny new website from Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker ‘The Pool‘, I decided to recreate one of Ella Woodward’s houmous recipes.

I have admired Ella (of Deliciously Ella fame) for some time – both for her motivations and for her virtuous recipes.  Her three types of houmous looked, well, good enough to eat!

For the pitta, who better to turn to than master baker Paul Hollywood.  He says, reassuringly, that his pittas are “amazingly simple to make”.  Let’s test that out.

How it was to make: 

pitta and houmous 3 ways, Baking Better

  • The pitta bread was, as promised, amazingly simple to make!  I was delighted that it only needed one knead.
  • As soon as I opened the pot of nigella seeds, I was transported to India.  They are used frequently in curries, naans, etc.  In fact, I think that my favourite Charlie Bigham’s Chicken Tikka Masala contains them.  Yum.
  • Whizzing up the ingredients for the houmous was also a breeze.  I made a full portion of plain houmous, then divided it into three and added the beetroot and red pepper flavourings to two of them.

How it came out: pitta and houmous 3 ways, Baking Better

  • The pitta breads looked phenomenal.  I think that they were a little bit salty though, if anything.  Full marks though for ease of preparation and homemade wow-factor.
  • I loved the vibrant colours of the three different houmous pots.  They definitely didn’t taste a lot like the shop-bought houmous I’m used to though.  I think I would need to do some more experimentation with fiddling the quantities of ingredients a bit to get it perfect.  Perhaps a bit more tahini would bring it all together.
  • The red pepper and chilli houmous was the winner for me.

Personal Progress:

  • Baking lessons learnt: 
    • Pitta breads actually are very easy to make.  Now I have a whole pot of nigella seeds, I should probably make some more soon.
  • Physical progress:
    • This was fine – even doing the pittas and the houmous simultaneously.  Probably more of a mental test than a physical one!

pitta and houmous 3 ways, Baking Better

If you want to have a go:

The Pool – Three types of houmous (by Ella Woodward)

Paul Hollywood – pitta bread (BBC Food)

This bake, I have been mostly listening to:

We’ll light the sky – Lyonn

Californian duo Lyonn’s EP has a selection of thoughtful songs on it, but this short number is my fave.  I love how gentle and plingy (technical term) it is.  And I love fireworks.

You can download the whole EP here.

Caroline Crimson x

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