No mean feet: Superdrug goodies (feat. Scholl and Freeman Beauty)

No mean feet: Superdrug goodies (feat. Scholl and Freeman Beauty)

No mean feet: Superdrug goodies (feat. Scholl and Freeman Beauty)If getting letters in the post makes me happy, getting a parcel makes me positively euphoric.  So imagine my delight when this box of Superdrug goodies appeared one day.  I had an absolute ball, joyfully rummaging through mounds of grassy shredded paper to discover what it held.  A bit like a personal lucky dip where I got to win all of the prizes.

There were all sorts of treats inside, but the ones that caught my eye most were foot related.  Although the scarlet nail polish applied during a pedicure in early February is still completely perfect (thanks to wearing compression stockings 24/7), my feet could always do with a little TLC.

The products I tried out were Freeman Beauty’s Barefoot Peppermint + Plum Foot Scrub and the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi + Intense Serum Pack.

No mean feet: Superdrug goodies (feat. Scholl and Freeman Beauty)

Setting aside a good chunk of foot time, I started off by soaking my feet in warm water and massaging them with the foot scrub.  The purplish cream contains peppermint oil, plum extract, tea tree oil and pumice.  I liked the smell a lot; it’s sweet without being too ‘foody’ – something I find a little off-putting in beauty products.  After the soak and scrub, my feet were already noticeably softer and smoother.

No mean feet: Superdrug goodies (feat. Scholl and Freeman Beauty)

Next, I moved onto the Scholl set.  I was slightly apprehensive about the Pedi device as I need to be careful not to break the skin on my legs or feet (catch up on why here).  The handheld gadget is battery powered and has a roller file at the end which is apparently covered in diamond crystals.  Well I never.  Starting off with extreme caution, it turned out that the tool was gentle enough for me, so I got to work on those horribly cracked heels of mine.  The filing doesn’t hurt in the slightest, though you may struggle a little if you are particularly prone to ticklishness. No mean feet: Superdrug goodies (feat. Scholl and Freeman Beauty)

The final stage of my DIY pedicure was the Scholl Intense Serum which contains – wait for it – green caviar.  In spite of this though, it is a clear liquid that doesn’t smell fishy in the slightest.  In fact, it smelled gorgeous.  A die-hard hair serum fan, I’ve never heard of using it on your feet, but this was excellent – all the intensity of a serious moisturiser but without having to wait for hours for it to soak in properly.

No mean feet: Superdrug goodies (feat. Scholl and Freeman Beauty)

As you can see from these before and after pics, the products made a huge difference to my feet.  From terrible trotters to fabulous feet in under 15 minutes!

No mean feet: Superdrug goodies (feat. Scholl and Freeman Beauty)

The barefoot scrub is £4.25 for 150ml and I will definitely carry on using that as a quick and easy way to buff up my feet.  The Scholl Luxury Pedicure Set, a Superdrug exclusive, is much pricier at £44.99.  However, compared to the amount you could spend on pedicures, that probably is a good deal in the long run – and it really did only take minutes.

My only concern is how long the foot files last for.  You can replace them, but at £12.49 for a pack of 2 refills, I would hope that they last for quite some time to make it good value.

NB – I’ve just spotted that Superdrug currently have a ‘Buy 1 get 2nd 1/2 half price’ on selected footcare, including both of these items, so there’s no time like the present if you fancy treating yourself!

I was given free products to try out but not paid for this review.  All opinions are my own. 

Caroline Crimson x

4 thoughts on “No mean feet: Superdrug goodies (feat. Scholl and Freeman Beauty)

  1. So now you’re a beauty blogger too! Before and after shots are impressive , I might just swing by superdrug myself. Speaking of which, did you sort the bear legs situation? I bet superdrug do a great range of that nasty hair dissolving cream – maybe they’ll send some your way!!!


  2. I was very curious about this foot file. Blog reviews seem to be a little nervy about releasing pictures of their feet to the world. We all have them, right. We need to see real life results! I can safely say I’m impressed. Your feet look great! Think I need to invest 🙂

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