Hairway to Heaven: Heads High bespoke wigs

Taking my medicine like a good girl...  Source:

Taking my medicine like a good girl… Source:

My head has started to emulate one of my latest TV obsessions in reverse (Springwatch, that is, not Love Island).  Gone are the resplendent flight feathers, replaced now by a layer of down that has much more in common with fluff, babies or mould than real hair.  Toss in a regurgitated worm or two and you’d have trouble telling me apart from a sparrow chick.  Cheers chemo, you’re the best.

So, what’s the positive been?  Well, for those of you familiar with my response to the original diagnosis, it may not surprise you to learn that I have seized this opportunity to do some serious retail therapy.  And I have approached acquiring wigs with the same zeal employed when acquiring lounge pants.  As in, I’ve bought five.  If I can’t have my own hair, I might as well have some fun if I can – and for me, that means a variety of styles in both brunette and blonde.

I’ll get into the full wigs in another post, as I want to focus here on one brand in particular I stumbled across online: Heads High bespoke wigs.



Heads High wigs are made by a lovely lady from Bristol named Louise.  They’re not full head wigs, but rather “halo” wigs (to be worn under hats or scarves).  The hair is attached to a soft cotton cap, making it significantly more comfortable, lighter and cooler than a full wig.  Talk about attention to detail – even the seam on the cap is cleverly on the outside so there’s nothing itchy touching your scalp.  You can choose from human or microfibre hair, as well as a variety of lengths/styles and colours.  You can also buy hats to wear over the wigs directly from the site, though I haven’t yet myself.

I choose a long, straight, dark brown micro fibre wig, which cost £65 (plus £9.99 postage and packaging).  Compared to most full price wigs that’s a pretty good price; even the long human hair versions are only £85.  Slightly apprehensive about what would arrive, I devoted some time while waiting for the wigs to come watching videos on how to tie headscarves, as well as choosing three drop dead gorgeous Emma J Shipley numbers that I thought would suit my chemo vibe.

As Louise makes the wigs to order, don’t expect it to arrive the next day.  On the site she says to allow 7 – 14 days for delivery, so make sure you give yourself enough time if you want it for something specific.  It was absolutely worth the wait though.  Super comfy and light compared to a full wig, the hair is generously thick but avoids looking too “wiggy” because there isn’t any crown or hairline.  In fact, I was so taken with it that I order a blonde version that very same day.

Not the best look on its own, but you get the idea.

Not the best look on its own, but you get the idea.

I’ve had some time to experiment with tying headscarves over the wig now, and I thought I’d share a few with you here.  I’ve used three Emma J Shipley scarves: Macaw Modal Blend Shawl in Magenta, Silverback Cotton Neckerchief in Turquoise and Pegasus Classic Silk Scarf in Multi.  These are all different sizes and materials, so they work well being tied in different ways.  I was nervous that the silk would be too slippy, but it actually grips onto the wig cap securely.  Obviously, you could wear these headscarves in these styles without a wig underneath at all – or even over your real hair if you’re lucky enough to have it!

L-R: Macaw, Silverback, Pegasus

L-R: Macaw, Silverback, Pegasus

1. Front Knot Headscarf (Silverback Cotton Neckerchief)

Perfect for a smaller scarf, this is as simple as it gets – just fold into a triangle, tie at the front and tuck in the loose ends.  This is great for creating the illusion of volume around your forehead so you don’t look too much like an egg.  Also, very useful for wearing if you are reclining/lying down as there’s no annoying knot digging into your head at the back.  I wore this for my last chemo session in fact.

Heads High Bespoke wigs | Emma J Shipley scarves - Baking Better review

2. Braided Bandana (Pegasus Silk Scarf)

Another very simple style, though you need a larger scarf to get the length for the braid.  Wrap the triangle around the front of your head and tie off at the back.  Twist round so the knot is over to the side, then use both the tails as one section of your braid.  This makes great use of the wig too and is good for keeping cool as it gets the hair off your neck.

Heads High Bespoke wigs | Emma J Shipley scarves - Baking Better review

3. Chignon Headscarf (Macaw Modal Blend)

This style requires a large scarf and a touch more dexterity.  Wrap the triangle around your head from the front, then twist the ends round and round until you have created a rope with the excess scarf.  Wind the rope around itself into a knot – you can just tuck the end in, it’s surprisingly secure.  You could do this with a smaller scarf and the knot at the front too (as long as there’s enough on your forehead to cover the wig line!).

Heads High Bespoke wigs | Emma J Shipley scarves - Baking Better review

4. Back Twist Bandana (Silverback Cotton Neckerchief)

I did this by accident and then decided I liked it.  It couldn’t be much simpler: a normal bandana tie at the back, but then tuck the ends in as you would with the front knot turban.  This leaves a lovely twist, elegant tail and shows off the scarf design to the max.

Heads High Bespoke wigs | Emma J Shipley scarves - Baking Better review

Now I just need to find some good hats…  I feel a trip to Southside coming on!

I was not given these products for free or actually even asked to review them.  I just loved them and really wanted to share them.

Caroline x

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