A beginner’s guide to (chemo)radiotherapy

Since starting my new treatment, I’ve been asked lots of questions by fellow patients and concerned friends/family about what it really involves.  So I thought it would be helpful to explain a bit about my experience so far, after my … Continue reading

Get me to the church on time!

“You don’t have anything on tomorrow, do you?” my consultant asked, obviously expecting the answer to be no. The answer probably usually would be no, given that I’d just been told that my first routine 3 month MRI scan had … Continue reading

Surprisingly tasty cauliflower pizza

A few months back, a friend suggested I should try making a cauliflower pizza.  As a pizza lover, and I mean everything from stone-baked to Domino’s, I thought this sounded like a terrible idea.  Replacing the dough with cauliflower?  Surely … Continue reading

Steps for Jo’s

It just occurred to me that although I’ve mentioned Jo’s Trust several times in various posts, most people probably don’t really know what they actually do.  Added to which, a great friend of mine is running in their fundraiser next … Continue reading