The one where I consider public urination

This just in (in 2012): public urination may be okay, as long as nobody sees.  Well, I say that, but actually this BBC article discussing the issue goes on to outline how broadly unacceptable it really is (even if nobody can see … Continue reading

Nurses’ Day 2015

12th May 2015 is International Nurses’ Day.  Apparently, it falls on 12th May every year because that was Florence Nightingale’s birthday.  I must admit, up to this year, I have been wholly ignorant of this annual celebration.  Now though, I … Continue reading

Smear tests: dress to impress?

Thanks largely to high-profile bloggers such as Katie Snooks, Louise Pentland and, of course, Zoe Sugg, smear tests and other matters cervical have had a recent boost on social media.  Personally, I have been delighted about this; anything that raises awareness of … Continue reading

An uncontrollable itch

Picture this: you have had major abdominal surgery in the last few hours. You are not entirely sure what is going on.  Truthfully, due to the serious painkillers and several hours’ worth of anaesthetic, you’re probably not entirely sure where … Continue reading

Out and back again… A Catheter’s Tale

“Now… where to begin?  Ah, yes.  Concerning Catheters.” Weird that Tolkein didn’t go with that version.  In the aftermath of my surgery I was more than usually concerned by catheters.  More than I ever had been before, in fact.  Up … Continue reading