Steps for Jo’s

It just occurred to me that although I’ve mentioned Jo’s Trust several times in various posts, most people probably don’t really know what they actually do.  Added to which, a great friend of mine is running in their fundraiser next … Continue reading

S/S 15 Cancer Chic: The Chemo Chapters

So, yes, sadly I am back with cancer.  But before I get into the finer details, I thought it was better to start with something vital: hair. From the first mention of cancer back in January, one of my initial, … Continue reading

Radio Silence

Dear friends,
No doubt you will have noticed that I have gone from some sort of daily blogging machine to radio silence in the past few weeks. I’m afraid to say that it has not been for the best of reasons.
My first 3 month MRI scan and check showed up something unusual. Further diagnostics have now confirmed that the cancer has returned. I will be starting chemotherapy on Thursday to tackle it.
I wanted to let you know why the blog had gone so quiet. I hope to be back to posting again and explaining some more details of what has been going on asap. Plus I promise to have some great photos of different stages of cutting off my hair!
Looking forward to being back to writing, and baking, soon.
Much love,
Caroline x

The one where I consider public urination

This just in (in 2012): public urination may be okay, as long as nobody sees.  Well, I say that, but actually this BBC article discussing the issue goes on to outline how broadly unacceptable it really is (even if nobody can see … Continue reading

Nurses’ Day 2015

12th May 2015 is International Nurses’ Day.  Apparently, it falls on 12th May every year because that was Florence Nightingale’s birthday.  I must admit, up to this year, I have been wholly ignorant of this annual celebration.  Now though, I … Continue reading

Smear tests: dress to impress?

Thanks largely to high-profile bloggers such as Katie Snooks, Louise Pentland and, of course, Zoe Sugg, smear tests and other matters cervical have had a recent boost on social media.  Personally, I have been delighted about this; anything that raises awareness of … Continue reading