GynaeCheck yourself! Brand new at-home HPV test hits the UK

As you know, September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month.  To coincide with this, GynaeHealth UK have launched a campaign called Target 100,000, with the admirable aim of getting more women involved with cervical screening.  The campaign introduces a new, at-home HPV … Continue reading

Are you a Lady Gardener?

If you have been on Oxford Street recently, you may have noticed Topshop’s fantastically floral window display.  It features three mannequins with flowers strategically placed over their bits, wearing grey jumpers with ‘LADY GARDEN’ emblazoned across them. Lovely as the … Continue reading

Steps for Jo’s

It just occurred to me that although I’ve mentioned Jo’s Trust several times in various posts, most people probably don’t really know what they actually do.  Added to which, a great friend of mine is running in their fundraiser next … Continue reading

Nurses’ Day 2015

12th May 2015 is International Nurses’ Day.  Apparently, it falls on 12th May every year because that was Florence Nightingale’s birthday.  I must admit, up to this year, I have been wholly ignorant of this annual celebration.  Now though, I … Continue reading

Smear tests: dress to impress?

Thanks largely to high-profile bloggers such as Katie Snooks, Louise Pentland and, of course, Zoe Sugg, smear tests and other matters cervical have had a recent boost on social media.  Personally, I have been delighted about this; anything that raises awareness of … Continue reading